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Last update March 2010
12 Che Petite Montagne,
45290 Varennes Changy

Tel: 02 38 94 17 72
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Hi,  my name is Renaud, I run Sharkit.

To order Sharkits model kits on-line, please email me at mail to renaud@sharkit.com and tell me what items you want. I usualy answer within 48 hours. I will tell you if the kit you want is available immediately or not, and will inform you about the payment procedure (paypal, check, bank transfer, etc).

Kits are posted after the payment occured.

Kits are deliverd worlwide. They are packaged in double walled cardboad boxes, themselves usualy re-boxed for overseas delivery. Some kits are packaged in cardboard tubes. Within six years of sending kits worldwide, we only had a very , very few lightly damaged...

Shipping Cost is 10% EEC, 20% overseas like USA, Japan, Australia... Minimum is 5 euros. (We are located in France, EEC). With many years of posting kits I can say that it is a quite safe way of transportation.

All the kits are sent air, (emergency).

Kits Avalilability: if a kit is presented in our site (without the "sold out" mention), it means it is stocked or available within a 20 days.

Sold out kits are sometimes not really sold out: they are not stocked and they sell so little that we do not maintain them quickly available. It may be worthy to drop us an e-mail...we do not erase the sold out kits from the site to let you know what have been available in the past, and what you may find in the second-hand market.

The kits are produced in very small quantity (from 10 to 50, usualy). They maybe available a very short time and may never be recast.

Thank you ! Your Renaud from Sharkit