Hello everyone!
Just a note to let you know that the International Resin Modellers Assocation - IRMA is about to begin taking memberships. We would like to offer our members a newsletter, industry updates and up-coming products in the resin modelling market and perhaps some sort of assocation discount when buying kits from associated manufacturers.
Since you are resin producers, manufacturers and model makers, we are asking your participation in support of our site. What we would like to do is have submissions for new product releases, upcoming projects, interviews with you, tips and recommendations and even articles about producing in resin.
Also, with the realization that most production is by small, in-house or garage companies, we would like to know if anyone would be interested in offering IRMA members any kind of discount on kits, even a small one.
New ideas are also coming in via our Wish List! page. Success of this organization will hopefully mean more sales for you and a better understanding of the type of demand out there. Later, as things get up and running, IRMA will be doing surveys of our members to see what kinds of kits are desired and possibly what kind of market is developing for resin kits. Of course we will share the data with you as we get it in.
Any participation, cooperation, ideas, suggestions, advice are all appreciated!
Help keep our hobby going and growing!
Zane R Nobbs
International Resin Modellers Assocation
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