Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale. 
Back in stock in 2007; 36euros
You have TWO missile in the box, and four heads, for the different versions.
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The Douglas Skybolt was to be America's first air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM). Developed in 1959 by Douglas Aircraft for use on the B-52H strategic bomber, the Skybolt was to carry a single nuclear warhead at speeds of Mach 9 up to a range of 1,000 nautical miles. In May 1960, Great Britain negotiated the purchase of 100 Skybolts for use on the RAF's Vulcan bombers. The Vulcans were to carry two missiles apiece, one under each wing. However, cost and reliability problems caused the United States to cancel the entire program in late 1962.
This kit comes with TWO Skybolt models, each one with a different head and pylon.
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below is the color boxart

Le Skybolt devait être le premier missile balistique lancé par avion (ALBM). L'Angleterre négocia l'achat de 100 de ces missiles capables de déposer une tête nucléaire à 1000 NM afin d'en équiper les bombardiers Avro Vulcan. Le programme fut abandonné en 1962 par le gouvernement américain.