Sharkit Limited Edition resin kit,/72 scale.Price eur48.
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silverbug box-art

SILVER BUG ref: Project No 9961 Feb. 1955.

In the mid-1950s, LOOK magazine published a stunning story about a new"flying saucer" being developed jointly by Canada's AVRO aircraftcompany and the U.S. Air Force. Purportedly based on German "saucer"technology that had been developed at the end of WWII, this new aircraft-- dubbed the Y-2 "Silver Bug" -- employed a flat radial enginecapable of providing the aircraft with helicopter-like VTOL capabilities,yet enough power to boost it up to Mach 2.6 with a ceiling of 70,000 feet.

According to modern conspiracy theorists, the Y-2 "Silver Bug"was not only built, but proved to be an excellent performer. To keep itsexistence a secret, Avro and the USAF went so far as to build the significantlysmaller and less capable Avro VZ-9to publicly discredit the whole "flying saucer" concept. A classicexample of government disinformation!

The reality is, the "Silver Bug" was nothing but an aircraftconcept. Although the AVRO VZ-9 was very real, the Y-2 "Silver Bug"never got beyond the proverbial drawing board. Except for one small testmodel, flat "radial" engines have never been built, and there'sno evidence that such an engine could, in fact, achieve super-sonic speeds.In fact, the German WWII "Saucer" technology that's at the heartof this and other super-duper aircraft stories is without any factual basisas well.

Still, it's a fun subject, and worthy of a Sharkit model!

A serious paper flying-saucer that definitivelydeserve a model... Have a look at the kit parts.
  • Avro logo engraved base to present the kit include,the same provide in Sharkit 's Avrocar
  • two clear vacu canopies
  • pilot and seat, control panel
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