Bell Gam-63 RASCAL
Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale. Price 30euros
Back in stock April 2007
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The idea of launching strategic missiles from bombers has its beginnings in the WWII. Soon after the D-Day invasion, the German Luftwaffe realized that Allied armies would soon overrun their V-1 launchsites in France. In response, they modified several Heinkel He 111 bombers to carry and launch V1 buzzbombs from the air.
The RASCAL was the first strategic missile designed for deployment on U.S. military aircraft. To be carried by a B-47 mothership, this 32-foot-long nuclear-tipped missile could be launched as far as 100 nautical miles away from its target and cruise at speeds up to 1,000 mph. Tests of the RASCAL were conducted by the 445th Bomber Squadron, 321st Bombardment Wing at Pinecastle Air Force Base in Florida in 1958. Of the 64 planned launches, half were cancelled, one was successful, and the rest were failures. In September 1958 the program was cancelled, funds being diverted to the smaller and more reliable AMG-28 Hound Dog.
The kit represents a GAM-63 with optional parts, three differents colors schemes and a pylon to adapt the missile for display on a 1/72 B-47 kit.
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below is the color boxart

Le Bell RASCAL est le premier missile à charge nucléaire déployé par un avion U.S.
Le kit représente un GAM-63 avec des pièces optionnelles, trois shémas de couleurs et un pylone pour monter le missile sur une maquette de B-47.