SovietR-2 rocket
andproposed suborbital manned capsule
Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale. Priceeur45
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In 1945, at the end of World War II, theUSSR captured numerous German V-2 rockets for use in their own ballisticmissile program. The Russians, working with captured German rocket scientists,improved the original V-2, resulting in the Soviet R-2, which could launchabout two tons of payload to an altitude of 200 km.
In 1955, Soviet rocket specialist SergeiKorolov presented studies that proposed that suborbital manned capsulesbe launched by the R-2. One of his designs is presented here in kit form.It portrays an astronaut seated on an horizontal ejection seat within anarrow capsule. The capsule was to have a parachute on top to facilitatea hard landing. Four rockets on the parachute compartment were to helpthe capsule decelerate just a few seconds before making ground contact.Deployable legs, attached to the service compartiment beneath the capsule,would complete the landing job.
Korolev's initial plans were never pursued.However, on April 12, 1961, Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first humanin space when he flew into orbit aboard the much larger, multistage R-7Semyorka launcher, which was also a Korolev design.

This Sharkit is easy to build. The mainrocket booster is a single piece, and you won't even have to square thefour V-2 type rudders. The capsule wall fits nicely around the cosmonautand can be removed easely to present the little figure within; no glueis necessary to fit the top cone in place. The capsule can also be displayedin its landing position on its deployed metal legs(moredetail); The picture left shows the rocket after only a very few minutesof work, without its final layer of paint and without the decals

Here is a view of thedecal sheet and some of the kit parts

is a view of the decal sheet and some of the kitparts. You have a choice of white or red decals. The kit also includesstrong metal wire and brass tubes for the capsule legs, and one detailedcosmonaut.

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