Experimentalpressure suit


Limited edition 1/15 scale Sharkit figure.Price eur40.

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[assembled figure]
No, it's not Captain Nemo, but proudwearer of a WWII-era German pressure suit designed for high-altitude flying.The kit contains a clear helmet with a face plate that can be displayedopen. (Click HERE for assembly instructions.)The kit is available with two different box-arts. The bust is 1/15scale(120mm scale-figure).

High-altitude flight has always posed seriousthreats to adventurous aviators. As early as the mid-1800s, pioneer balloonistsdiscovered that if you fly too high, your nose, ears, and eyes bleed andthe nitrogen in your blood boils away in an airborne version of the dreaded"bends." And then you die.

Among the many attempts to create a suitthat would protect high-altitude aviators from the crippling or perhapseven fatal effects of flying in low-pressure environments was this modelcreated by German scientists in 1944. This suit was tested in the cockpitof the Horten IX V-1 but was never used operationallyOnly black and white photos of this suit exist, so our suggested colorsare purely hypothetical.