Jumo109-004 B Jet Engine
Withtrailer and engineer figure,1/32 scale.
Limited edition Sharkit . Price eur48.
Above: a well-known picture of the trueJumo, shot in the 40's.

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This Junker Engine was the powerplant of the first generationof turbo-jet aircraft, the Me 262.

We have designed an accurate 1/32 scalekit of this historic engine. Detailed parts includethe aggregate, pumps, different oil tanks, etc.
When complete the engine measures approximately5 inches/12cm long, and looks like a roaring metal-cigar!
We have designed this kit to make the assemblyas easy as possible, but this kit is not for the beginner.
The illustrated instructionsheet contains perspective drawings and scaled views of the engine.
The metalized painting suggests actual constructionmaterials, from the shiny aluminium of the compressor to the burnt-metalof the exhaust.
Accessories from 1/12 or 1/24 cars can beused to add additionnal detail to the engine.
You may wish to add such details as hydaulicnuts & bolts, radiator hose, tin and lead wires, etc.
The model is suitable for use with the Hesagawaor the Revell injection-molded Me262 kit, and you may choose to eitherinstall the engine completely or display the engine resting on its trailer;an engineer figure is provided.
The kit price is US$40. Available now.
Below: The Sharkit Jumo 109-004 B kit partiallyassembled, with the engineer and trailer, also included. This photo doesnot show the completed kit.
jumo kit
Jumo 004 B Design Data:
- Maximum take-off thrust: 910kg
- Total length: 3864mm
- Empty weight: 750kg
- Fuel consumption: 1.42 kg/kph
- Turbine inlet temeprature: 780 degreesC
- Eight-stage axial compressor max: 21.2kg/second
- Six separate combustion chambers