Horten XIIIa
Germany, Research glider, flown 1944.
Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale. Price eur40.

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Above: original kit boxart drawing.
decals History: The Ho XIII research glider was built by Germany's Horten Brothers in 1943 to explore flight characteristics during low-speed take-offs and landings. Linked to their Ho X supersonic interceptor project, the craft had a steep 60deg. sweepback at its leading edge. The glider was destroyed at the end of the War by liberated prisoners.

First fligth: November 27th,1944.

Wingspan: 12 meters; wing area: 36m2; wing loading:9,2 kg/m2; empty weight:250kg; maximum weight: 330kg; landing speed: 44 km/h; maximum speed: 180km/h; best glide (bestes gleiten): 16.

Picture above: Original drawing for the Sharkit box-art and the color painting guide.

Left: The Horten XIIIa in flight.

Below: Part of the assembly instructions.

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