VZ-9AVROCAR. The only official "flying saucer"
Limited edition Sharkit; 1/72 scale. Price eur44
Alsoavalable in 1/48 scale

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Based on earlier studies by Avro Canadaand built by the US Army in conjunction with that Canadian-based aircraftmanufacturer, the Avrocar VZ9 was a true "flying saucer" designedto fly at speeds up to 300 miles and as high as 10,000 feet. With separatecockpits for each of its two crewmembers, the craft employed three ContinentalJ-69 turbojet engines to power its centrally located fan. Unfortunately,the fastest the craft ever flew was 35 mph, and NASA tests concluded thatits design was inherently unstable. The program was cancelled in late 1961.Also see Sharkit's Silver Bug

This kit comes complete with:

  • Display base engraved with the Avro logo
  • Complete decal sheet
  • Detailed pilot cockpit
  • Clear vacu canopies
  • Kit price $36
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    Avrocartaking-off from a lake; visualisation of the flux beneath and rear theship; drawing renaud