VZ-9AVROCAR, 1/48 scale.
Limited edition Sharkit; 1/48 scale. Price eur70
Seealso the 1/72 AVROCAR.

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This kit represents thefirst version of the Avrocar we have already release in 1/72 scale. Itis very close to the Sharkit 1/72 Avrocar,the differences being that no base is provide in the standard 1/48 box,and that the observator right cokpit is closed. But the shape of the 1/48kit is more accurate and, of course, the details level is of a 1/48 kit.A complete decal sheet is provide.Also have to look at an another Avrodisck plane 1/72 kit, the Silver Bug.

left: the Boxart; below: the deal sheet.

Dontmiss it ! IncredibleFlying machines, issue#1.