Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale.
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Since the termination of the X-15 programin 1968, several proposals for new high-speed aircraft have been made.One such plane was the X-24C, a hypersonic aircraft designed jointly byNASA and the US Air Force in 1974. Sharp and angular, the plane was designedto operate at speeds between Machs 3 and 6.

However, by the time the USAF decided tomove forward with the proposed X-24C, NASA had committed itself to thespace shuttle for all future manned space missions; the X-24C was ultimatelycancelled due to lack of funding (or replaced by a black project with Lockheed).

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The kit is designed for the experiencedmodeler. The cockpit is detailed and the "shield canopy" canbe displayed open. White metal landing gears are provide. In the instructions(one full A3 sheet! ) you will find a schematic for fitting the plane underthe wing of a B-52 mothership. In addition to the assembly instructions,we have included one-full-A4-history page that features numerous illustrationsso you can better appreciate this relatively unknown project.
The kit has been adapted from genuine NASAwind-tunnel model blue-prints.
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