Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale conversionkit; Price eur72

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In the early 1960s, Northrop Corporation modified two DouglasWB-66D medium bombers to create vehicles for testing the feasibility oflaminar control systems on large aircraft. Dubbed X-21As, the planes werefitted with new wings of larger size and area as well as span-wise slotsthrough which turbulent boundary layer was sucked away.
Tested between 1963 and 1964, the X-21As proved that this laminarcontrol system could, indeed, reduce drag, increase fuel economy, and extendrange.  However, the tiny wing slots had to be kept immaculately cleanto operate properly, and the intense maintenance required ultimately provedthe concept to be too costly for practical application.
The kit converts a 1/72 Testors/ItaleiriB-66 model into the X-21A.   Following the instructions, youwill have to cut the injected fuselage to accept the resin parts. All theparts are provide except for the nose probe, which you will have to makefrom wire. The decal sheet is complete and will produce an accurate X-21A.

Thank you David Newman who did the master work, andmore...

This kit is recommended for experienced modelersonly.

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