NorthAmerican X-15
DeltaWing proposition
SharkitLimited Edition Model. Price eur72

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Adding a delta wing was considered the nextlogical step in the hugely succesful X-15 program, and North American spentfour years and 300 hours of wind tunnel time perfecting the configuration.The original short-span trapezoid wing was replaced by a slender delta-wingwith end-plates or winglets, and a modified North American XB-70A or aNB-52 was to be used as mothership. The third X-15 was to be rewinged forthese research flights, but due to the loss of the aircraft in 1967, theproject was abandoned.

Illustration of the 60th: another DeltaX-15 proposition; the same aircraft with aRam-jet

[desk model]Our model is based on this desk-top modelas well as wind-tunnel models plans. The model length is 27 cm (about 10inches 2/3) at 1/72 scale. order this kit or e-mailus

Here is the box-art of theSharkit model

The 1/72 Sharkit model more closely resemblesa classic desk-top model than most of our other kits; it is very easy tomount since there are no little parts such as landing gear.
A base with a "NASA"-engravednameplate and an inox-steel 3mm diameter wire to support the model is include.
This pictureshows the kit after two hour of work, ready to be painted. As there isno primer layer on this model, the different colors give you an idea ofthe quantity of putty used to prepare the surfaces. The Sharkit wing-insignais an extra not include in the regular kit.
The decals sheet ishere: it doesn' t look very good in this photo because it's primarilywhite decals on very light blue background paper...but the white letteringwill look great on a black-painted model!
The decal sheet (5x14cm)is for serial numbers66672 & 67099.