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The Bell X-14 was a one-of-a-kind test vehicle designedto investigate the practicality of jet-powered VTOL flight. In fact, theplane holds the distinction of being the first jet aircraft to successfullytransition between horizontal and vertical flight, a feat it achieved onMay 24, 1957.
The open-cockpit X-14 was actually cobbled together from severalexisting commercial airframes. The undercarriage, wings and ailerons werefrom a Beach Bonanza. A Beach T-34 Mentor dontated the tail. The plane'stwo Viper engines were fixed in position; a series of moveable vanes directedthe airflow either downward for vertical take-offs and landings, or tothe rear for conventional horizontal flight. The plane had a top speedof 180 mph and a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet.
In 1959, the X-14 received a new set of GE J85 jet engines,and continued to be used for experiments at NASA's AMES Research Centeruntil 1963.
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Below: the assembled model
assembled kit

Le Bell X-14 est le premier avion VTOL àutiliser la poussée vectorielle de ses réacteurs pour effectuerun cycle décollage/atterissage vertical complet le 24 Mai 1958.Le kit #72002 represente le Bell X-14 56-4022 lors de ce vol historique.
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