FockeWulf "Victoria Tail"
Limited edition Luft 46 kit ; 1/72 scale.Price $60.
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Conceived in July 1944, this single-seatpropellor-driven fighter was Focke Wulf's proposal for a hight altitudecombat aircraft that could operate in both good and bad weather.
The power plant was to be one Argus 413liquid-cooled 24-cylinder H-engine that would produce take-off power of2984 kw (4000 hp) using two 3.1m (10ft 2in) diameter counter-rotating propellersdriven via an extension shaft. The plane was to have a fuel capacity of600 liters, giving it an estimated flight duration of 2 hours at 10,000m(33,000 feet).
Armament was to consist of two MK 103 30mmcannons and two MG 213/30 30mm cannons.

[Victoria Tail Box-Art]
One of the first Sharkits, this kit isnot as accurate as our later issues. Still, you'll find the model to behuge and impressive!
  • kit wingspan: 23 cm
  • kit length: 20 cm
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