Soviet early ballistic missile
R-12B, 1/72 scale.
Limited edition Sharkit . Price eur45
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R-12B: short-range ballistic missile study by the german Groettrup team in Russia, 1948.

The R-12B was the second stage of one of the firsts IRBM studies.

It was to be a A-4 (V2) replacement of wich it used the modified engine. The conical shape was choosed because of aerodynamic stability.

The complete missile, the R-12, also had designation as G-2 and R-6. We are now releasing only the second stage but we are working on the complete two stages rocket and the first stage will probably be available in the future.

A base is provide for the kit presentation.

Left: One of the first soviet IRBM study, to come at 1/72 scale!

Right: the original Sharkit boxart.

below: drawing and 3D studies for the kit realisation.