Messerschmitt P-1106"Rocket"
Limited edition Luft 46 kit ; 1/72 scale. Price eur38
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The P-1106 single-engine fighter representedjust one of Nazi Germany's plans for breaking the sound barrier. A variationof the P-1106 "T-Tail," the plane was to be powered by a Walterrocket engine (similar to the one used in the Me163 "Komet" interceptor)in place of the standard turbojet. However, by 1945, Germany's devastatingwar losses made it impossible for the plane to go any farther than theplanning stage. The project was abandoned, and ultimately it was Amercia'sBell X-1, piloted by the immortal Chuck Yeager, that made history by breakingMach 1 on October 14, 1947.

[Rocket color]
This model is a close cousin of the Me P-1106 "T-Tail"(also available from Sharkit). The kit is very simple and as been releasedwith two different styles of box-art. Have a look at thisone...
  • Beneath the plane view: landing gear, engine,pilot and ejection seat.
  • Inside the plane view: engine, tanks,pilot.
  • other "Rocket" view with an organiccamouflage patern
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