Messerschmitt P-1106"T-tail"
Limited edition Luft 46 kit ; 1/72 scale. Price eur38.
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The first P-1106 design, dated December 4th,1944, was basically a modification of Messerschmitt's earlier P-1101 single-seatedsupersonic jet fighter. Messerschmitt's engineers chose to reduce the P-1101'sair intake's length to minimize lost thrust. In addition, they slid thecockpit to the rear of the fuselage. The result was a wholly differentplane with an increased fuel capacity (1,200 kg rather than the 1,079 kgof the P-1101) and an improved aerodynamic form. But since the wing wasplaced directly in the pilot's field of vision, the design was ultimatelyproblematic. (In fact, none of today's jets have a pilot situated withsuch perilous sightlines.)
To the designers' credit, they placed the horizontalcomponent of the plane's "T" shaped tail unit above the "wakezone" that normally resulted from the separated flow shock of thewing and fuselage. (This design was so unique that it had actually beenpatented in 1944.) This innoative tail unit was tested at the GötingenAerodynamic Testing Laboratory in February 1945 on a full-scale model ofthe P1101 and was later used on the DFS 346 research aircraft and the Focke-Wulfeta 183. This design was so successfull that it can still be found on manymodern aircraft, from commercial airliners to fighters like the F-104.
More details in "incredibleflying machines #1"

[Ttail drawing]
This is one of the first Sharkits and is very easy to build.
  • box-art
  • color side view
  • color front view
  • side view of the plane with engine, main tank,and pilot
  • upper and detail views; engine, armament,landing gear schematics.
  • organic camouflage patern side and upperviews
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