X-44MANTA, 1/72 scale.
Limited edition Sharkit; Price eur96

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Known Development Stage: Design.
The X-44 was designed to testthe idea than an aircraft can be flown using controlled vectored thrustalone. The removal of a vertical tail and all other control surfaces wasexpected to reduce radar reflectivity to a minimum. Other benefits thatwere expected to be realized from this design were lower weight, reducedmechanical complexity, increased fuel efficiency and greater agility.
The X-44 MANTA was based onthe F-22 fuselage but incorporated a new full delta wing. The program wasinitiated in 1999 with flight testing expected to begin in 2007. However,recent reports now indicate that the entire program has been cancelled.

THE WINGS AND BODY areone single part casting. Dimensions of this part are 24x18cm (10''x7''),without the nose probe. The nose probe is a strong steel wire embeded inthe resin.

LANDING GEAR: Thekit was initially designed as a one piece base-mounted desk-top model.However, we provide tubing and metal wire that can be folded to createlanding gear strong enough to support the model's weight.You also havethe option of using injection-molded landing gear from Italeri's YF-22Akit.

IN THE COCKPIT: We provide a one-piecepilot/ejection seat and a clear vacuform canopy. You may prefer to useanother ejection seat without the pilot; the Italeri seat is adequate,although you may be able to find a better one from another source.

left: the original sharkit Boxart.

KIT PARTS LIST: 1-body ; 2-vacuformcanopy ; 3-control panel; 4-seat and pilot ; 5-front landing gear door;6-front wheel ;
8-left landing gear door ;9-right landing gear door; 10-main wheels (2 parts); 11-nozzles (2 parts);12-rear end.
Steel wire and brass tubingfor the landing gear legs are provided.
below: detail of the instructionsheet.