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Lockheed L-133
1/72 scale - Retooled kit in 2014 - New price 54 euros - Available nov 2014
Below, the parts.
Decals left are not include in the standard box, decals right are.
No landing gear nor detail cokpit are in the box,
but you'll find clear canopies, all the wheels, landing gear doors,
and ask me, I will provide a file for details if you want to scratch a landing gear.
You also have a 1/72 drawing of the landing gear with the instruction sheet that is in the box.

Below: the 2004 kit

Limited edition Sharkit resin kit , Sept 2004.

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I have design the kit as a reproduction of the desktop model below,1/72 scale.

Some extra parts are available, like the base below, decals, and more.
ask me before ordering your kit


Below: Parts and instruction sheet

Work in progress: