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F-8 SCW. Super Critical Wing Crusader
Limited edition Sharkit ; 1/72 scale. Price eur69

 F-8 Oblic wing
1/72 scale. Price eur18

Conversion for injected F-8. 2 resin parts(wing and fuselage junction) + decals


One of my favorite Sharkits; a real graceful beauty of a plane.

[F-8 scw box-art]
Kit box-art
This conversion kit was designed for the Heller F-8, but any 1/72 F-8 Crusader kit will do. Our conversion kit includes the entire redesigned fuselage, nose, engine exhaust, clear vacu canopy, wings, decals and gold tape for authentic decorating. (A few of the conversion parts are here). The only parts you'll need from your injection-molded kit are the small parts like the tail, landing gear, doors, seat, etc. Build this rare, historic beauty for yourself !