Blohm & Voss P 209-01
Limited edition Luft 46 kit ; 1/72 scale.
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Blohm und Voss, the German shipbuilding firm headquarteredin Hamburg, established an aircraft division in 1933 and went on to producesome large and well-known flying boats. During World War II, their projectP.211 was one of the best proposals to come out of the Volksjägercontest, the Luftwaffe's attempt to produce a high-speed interceptor thatwas cheap, easy to build, and could be constructed from non-strategic materials.Along with their models P.209, P.210, and P.212, the P.211 representedBV's attempt to produce a single-jet fighter that could meet the Luftwaffe'sambitious objectives. Dr Richard Vogt, the company's highly creative chiefdesigner, decide to modify the Skoda-Kauba V-6 in a tail-less configurationto test an advanced control arrangement for the company's future planes,as well as for the BV P.208.03, which was to be powered by a DB 603L enginewith a pusher propeller. The experimental Skoda-Kauba V-6 was renamed andflown as the Skoda-Kauba SL-6. Downturned wingtips were connected aft ofthe main wing trailing edge by small booms that served as both elevatorsand rudders. The project BV P.209.01 had 35 degree swept-back wings andwas to be powerd by a He S 011 jet engine located in the rear fuselage.Armament would have consisted of two MK 108 30mm cannon located in thelower nose. Note that the Northrop XP 56 "Black Bullet" thatflew in 1944 bore a unmistakable resemblance to this BV configuration.
[P 209-01 Box-Art]
Here's another flying wing! The kit comes with a visibleengine, two Mk-108 guns in the two opened gun-bays, full white metal can even retract the main landing gear with the wheels asidethe engine in the bay!
  • Approximately 20 resin parts
  • White metal landing gear
  • Two clear vacuform canopies
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  • Parts list of the kit:
    Fuselage, nose wheel , nose wheel door, seat , canopy (clear), right side, left side , mk 108 guns (2 parts), gun doors (2 parts), centraljunction , wings (2 parts) , stabilizer (2 parts), engine section , eng.sect. struc. tubes (2 ), engine top cover (clear), visible engine, mainwheel leg , main wheels , main wheels doors.