A9/A10 "b" version, 1/72 scale.
Limited edition Sharkit - 1/48 scale. Price eur86

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Up: Von Braun and a A9/A10"b" model .

This kit represents the "B" alternative of Dr. Werner von Braun's A9/A10 two-stage sub-orbital rocket design. The kit contains more than 50 parts, and is simple to assemble. The first stage consists of two vacuform parts; all the others parts are resin. Some metal is included for the landing gear. The cockpit, engines, and landing gear compartment are all detailed. The kit height is 47 cm (a bit more than 18 inches). The manned A9 can be easily removed from the first stage. We have also produced a great support base for the rocket, but it is not included with this kit to keep the cost down.

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Below: The 3D model showing the seperate A9 & A10.

Left: detail of the assembly instructions. Below: some resin parts

Below: profil of the A9b kit.
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