Von Braun EMW A6, 1/72 scale.
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The EMW A6 was designed by Dr. Werner von Braun as an derivative of his original A4, better known in the West as the V-2.

The A6 was to be a hypersonic research airplane. Although it was designed to launch vertically like a rocket, it would have landed horizontally like a conventional airplane. Primarily rocket-powered, the A-6 was also equipped with a ramjet engine intended to be ignited at high speeds. This would have provided the craft with 15 to 20 minutes of additional propulsion. The rocketplane was designed to have a pressurized cockpit, although no ejection scene was planned.

To convert the A4 to the A6, the fuselage was extended, a landing gear/payload compartment was added, the ramjet and tank were attached and, of course, wings were included.

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